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Re: EP Sport - back with a vengeance

Postby Media Park » Mon May 10, 2010 10:44 pm

untapped ability wrote:
MarblePark wrote:I'm going to jump on the Lincoln South bandwagon this week.


Jumped off ours and onto souths bandwagon. What a great supporter you are ;) I suppose you will now drink with Dave Fulton and his bug catching mate.

now I could open a real can of worms there...
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Wedgie wrote:I wear skin tight arseless leather pants, wtf do you wear?
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Re: EP Sport - back with a vengeance

Postby djd » Mon May 10, 2010 11:01 pm

fev_99 wrote:DJD did u see the incident where david butler got reported? whats ur view on it?

KWF i havnt seen the GF squad who is the player who got picked who hasnt played for a year?

UA ur a fool mate and im sure bostons are embarressed over some of the shite you post on here>

my views from our game are a few of our 2nd tier players arnt stepping up like we need to,
yellana will give the premiership a fair crack, by the end of the year tate secker will be the best rukman in the comp. and our injury list is longer then the crows with another 2 injuries on the weekend.

butler was silly and frustrated and probably a 50 and send off was enough. i mean it was in the last quarter and really he did no damage, but he was stupid and with his record he probably will get 1 or 2.
everyone gets injuries fev
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