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Re: Round 18 - live scores, discussion & confabbing.

I've said it before and I,ll say it again....I don't worry about the umpires and I just let them do their job. I enjoyed the game, admittedly not to last nights standard but it was good to see the Crows answer the challenge and get The chocolates. I'm not Trying to start an argument but it does seem like the Crows fans always feel aggrieved and think they are getting screwed. Perhaps it's just a lack of analytical ability. It's almost as if the excuses get loaded prior to the event.

I think the crows should drop the chanting lessons and hold a rules lesson.

I'm probably a little less tolerant of whinging at umpiring as I'm at nearly all the Power and Crows games and both teams have supporters who are beyond clueless. Too stupid to exist in society and then they hang over and abuse and boo them as they enter and leave as if they go out of their way to cheat. It's so idiotic and It's embarrassing to watch.

Even if these morons new the rules it wouldn't matter, they are troglodytes....BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BALL UMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by wristwatcher
Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:49 pm
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Re: The never ending No AFL in the SANFL whinge thread

Just saw this posted on Facebook by a Port supported in response to a post made by a Sturt supporter, why do Port not get the same kind of criticism that Adelaide do?

"I watched our reserves beat your A grade the other week; I realised how grateful I should be that my club has moved beyond the second-rate feeder league that the SANFL is."
I think you should remind the moron that far from moving beyond it, his club recently joined the second rate feeder league when they entered their bloody reserves team in it!
You can also tell him if he really does wish to move beyond it, then good luck finding another second rate feeder league to accept his idiot filled reserves side which seems to have trouble understanding which comp it is in.
The internet, providing a podium for retards since its creation.

There are many honourable exceptions but there is a sub set of Port supporters who are viciously anti SANFL. Apparently the SANFL is to blame for all their ills and they feed off that.
Never mind that when the going got tough in the Primus years so many of them jumped ship quicker than they could belt out NTUA.
For many years it was the easiest thing in the world to say you followed Port, when finals came around year after year and there were always teams like Woodville to beat up on.
In the AFL they experienced hardship in a football sense for the first time in their lives and their instinct was to cut and run. A rancid lot.
by Ronnie
Mon May 25, 2015 10:49 am
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Re: Adelaide Crows 2020

Disappointed that nobody has officially congratulated the Adelaide Football Club on winning their first ever AFL wooden spoon in here.

Congratulations to all involved, I couldn't be prouder of you all.
With the Crows finishing last and if you win the premiership then it is the ideal 150th birthday gift

Good luck in the finals, with South at the moment, I might get a gift as well and can finally erase 1979 from my memory

Yes mate, Go Panfers! I'm on board with you blokes for the finals, just awful that Norwood, Sturt and Centrals are missing out. 8)
by Booney
Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:39 am
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